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We are BlueBox IT Services. We help guide you
through your technology

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their business and provide the right technology to not only reach their aim, but to continue beyond their original goal. We focus on providing our clients with a technology portfolio that complements their operation.

Today’s businesses have higher expectations for the level of support they received a few years ago. We work with our clients to ensure our solutions meet their needs and we’re trusted to design, implement, manage and maintain solutions that allow them to focus on their business.

Selecting the right IT partner to support your business in today’s evolving environment can be tough. Technologies, hardware and software can soon outpace even the most agile businesses. We combine extensive knowledge and expertise with tailored support and solutions. At BlueBox, we value our clients and we are dedicated to providing the optimized support that each individual business needs to succeed.


Managed Services

Reliable, Responsive and Dependable services for today’s most demanding technology, built on a solid framework of experience from our team.


Advisory Services

Let our knowledge become your weapon against the today’s ever changing technology. Process improvement, interim support or a second opinion. We can help.


Workplace Services

Inspire and  engage your workers to accomplish more with enhanced efficiency and business optimization tools.


Our Approach

Our approach is customized for every client. We work to engage, advise and manage each implementation to suit your requirements.


Our Customers

We work hard to forge partnerships with our customers, understanding their needs and challenges so we can focus on technology – freeing you to focus on your business goals.


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Our Approach

The demands that business places on technology is constantly growing and evolving. Choosing the best partner to support, maintain and advise you through this challenging landscape is crucial. At BlueBox, we have the tools and knowledge required to support your goals and we provide every service under one roof so you can save time. We understand that every client is unique, with individual goals, requirements and challenges. No two IT journeys are the same and we are dedicated to providing the optimized support that your business needs to succeed.

We work to help –

Inform you of your options and work together to find the right path for you.

Transition your solution from project plan to reality, with the right training.

Support and manage your new solution.

Our Customers

We’ve worked with BlueBox for as long as I can remember. The partnership we have means we can focus on delivering the business, with a team of technical experts – who understand our requirements – supporting our IT Infrastructure.

Simon Heer
Managing Director, Grapnel Tech Services LLC

Due to the nature of our business we require a single point of contact for our IT requirements. I know that I can depend on BlueBox to be available and come forward with the right solutions to meet our business needs. I can rely on the support team to rapidly address our issues.

Managing Director, ATC

Working with the team at BlueBox is great! They approach each technical challenge without hesitation. Better still, they understand our business and our users, which makes them feel more like colleagues than previous providers we have worked with.

Director of Operations, Kibble

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