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Today’s workspace is rapidly evolving, with a profound transformation in the way that employees operate. Internal teams are working increasingly remotely, utilizing mobility services and digital technology in new ways, in virtual communities, on multiple devices, hotdesks, platforms and applications. This digital transformation is driving businesses and organizations worldwide to consider how they, too, can make this complex transition and fully leverage the opportunities that new digital technologies present.

Innovation is key to staying ahead in today’s business landscape. The accessibility of digital tech and apps has created an accelerated impact across society and, consequently, requirements for workspace improvements. Your employees strive for more – they expect connectivity to the office in all situations, collaboration and tools which can work on multiple devices.

How we can help

At BlueBox, we recognize the challenge that businesses face when determining what place new technologies have within organizations and when considering the requirements for workspace improvements in driving innovation, greater productivity, and improved customer service.   Our specialists help you to deliver on your workspace strategy, applying the extensive knowledge and expertise required to make profound transformations and complex transitions a seamless process. Our workspace design, connection, migration and management experts work with you to create a customized roadmap for your business that maximizes value to your organization. 

You can trust our specialist team to deliver an updated workspace that is secure across users and platforms, integrating new technologies, tools and applications to more efficiently deliver on your goals and improve your competitiveness.


Audio Visual

We remove the complexity of supporting multiple devices across different platforms from a variety of vendors, by acting as the primary point of contact for your service requests.


We have strong relationships with audio visual vendors

We assist to design, manage, install and train you on AV uses

Integration of systems

Unified communication services

HelpDesk portal allows users to track, update and manage tickets


Mobile Device Management

Our mobility services cover many factors, offering a holistic approach to mobile security and support challenges.


Secure devices

Information protection

Simple to administer

Audit device compliance


Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most secure operating system version yet. As support for Windows 7 begins to sunset, we guide your transition and migration to Microsoft’s latest, safest offering.


End user training

Protects data from cyber security threats

Larger hardware compatibility footprint

Post-deployment support

We can support you

A properly executed workspace migration is a complex task demanding skill and expertise. Our specialist team has the extensive knowledge and experience required to navigate pitfalls and manage potential risks. 

We work with you to design, migrate and deliver on your workspace strategy, ensuring your business is supported throughout the transition and you are confident in fully leveraging the opportunities and benefits of your new workspace technology.

Our Customers

We’ve worked with BlueBox for as long as I can remember. The partnership we have means we can focus on delivering the business, with a team of technical experts – who understand our requirements – supporting our IT Infrastructure.

Simon Heer
Managing Director, Grapnel Tech Services LLC

Due to the nature of our business we require a single point of contact for our IT requirements. I know that I can depend on BlueBox to be available and come forward with the right solutions to meet our business needs. I can rely on the support team to rapidly address our issues.

Managing Director, ATC

Working with the team at BlueBox is great! They approach each technical challenge without hesitation. Better still, they understand our business and our users, which makes them feel more like colleagues than previous providers we have worked with.

Director of Operations, Kibble


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