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Audio Visual


Our team offers a diverse portfolio of audio visual services and works with some of the country’s top vendors to ensure we can offer the right solutions and partnerships to bring your dreams to reality. Companies are ever increasing their AV presence – from webinars to global video conferences, connecting with people via audio visual solutions is becoming easier.


Plan and design

We remove the burden of conceptualizing the solution by listening, designing and deploying the right solution first time

Will the system support the amount of people using it?

Is the system easy to use?

What is your back-up plan?

Is this a one-time event or an ongoing issue?

We can help you design and implement the correct AV system


Project management

Its not just completing a project on budget and on time that makes it a success, strategically planning for the future helps protect your investment

Our project team can help

Ensure project scope is minimized

The solution is built to last  we’re passionate and detail oriented

Work and collaborate closely with vendors to ensure the products are the right fit


Implementation & Support

We standby our solutions and help ensure they’re correctly supported by our teams and vendors

Access to our 24/7 self-service portal

Product experts

Proactivity work to find problems

Help train and understand the solutions

Take ownership of incidents and provide council and guidance where required

We can help you understand, train and use the full functionality of Audio Visual for your business

How we can help

We can help you realize the full benefits of Audio Visual technology and guide you through the adoption challenges, ensuring you won’t run the risk of a temperamental and embarrassing AV failure during important meetings, client presentations or video conferences.

A properly executed AV presence is a complex task demanding skill and expertise. Our specialist team has the extensive knowledge and experience required to navigate pitfalls and manage potential risks. We work with you to design and deliver on your AV strategy, ensuring your business is supported throughout the transition and confident in fully leveraging the opportunities and benefits of your Audio Visual technology.


Our Customers

We’ve worked with BlueBox for as long as I can remember. The partnership we have means we can focus on delivering the business, with a team of technical experts – who understand our requirements – supporting our IT Infrastructure.

Simon Heer
Managing Director, Grapnel Tech Services LLC

Due to the nature of our business we require a single point of contact for our IT requirements. I know that I can depend on BlueBox to be available and come forward with the right solutions to meet our business needs. I can rely on the support team to rapidly address our issues.

Managing Director, ATC

Working with the team at BlueBox is great! They approach each technical challenge without hesitation. Better still, they understand our business and our users, which makes them feel more like colleagues than previous providers we have worked with.

Director of Operations, Kibble


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