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Windows 11


Microsoft’s safest, most secure and feature-rich operating system version yet. Windows 11 offers exciting new features including one cross-device platform, empowering all types of businesses and facilitating employee collaboration and productivity. As support for Windows 10 begins to sunset, we guide your transition and ensure a safe and seamless migration to Microsofts latest, safest offering.


• End user training
• Protects data from cyber security threats
• Larger hardware compatibility footprint
• Post-deployment support

Copilot in Windows 11

New to Windows 11, Copilot in Windows is your AI-powered intelligent assistant, here to help you find the relevant information and ideas you need to power your own ingenuity.

Mobile Device Management

With new identity and device management options, users can log into Windows with a singular ID and access business apps and resources. Now admins can manage PCs and mobile devices with the same platform.

Performance and security

From the moment you start up, Windows 11 is on guard. It works in combination with your hardware and was designed with multiple layers of protection to help keep your apps, information and privacy secure.

Find settings easily

Settings is another area where Windows 11 does a better job of presenting information to the user than Windows 10 did. More of the key system settings have been moved over to the modern interface—search for Settings from the taskbar to see them—so you’re going to be spending less time hunting for Control Panel (though the old utilities and links are still there if you need them).

Background Updates

Windows 11 prioritizes background updates, ensuring minimal disruption to users’ workflows by offering enhanced scheduling and installation processes in the background. These features empower users with greater control over update timing, aiming to minimize productivity interruptions. This focus on seamless updates is part of Microsoft’s commitment to delivering a more user-centric experience within the operating system.

Improved Multitasking

With the new desktops comes a new way to keep track of your open apps on Windows 11. On the new operating system, you can either hit the new Task View button on the task bar or swipe in from the left edge of the screen to pull up a one-page view of all your open apps and files. It’s not much different from using the Alt-Tab combination shortcut on your keyboard, but this presents a convenient way for touch-oriented users to get an overview of what’s running.

Windows 11 Migration Services

Implementing a Windows 11 upgrade and migration is a significant undertaking for your IT team and the process of migrating to Windows 11 calls for different requirements on different operating systems. With some migrations for example, licensing and patching are of the utmost importance, while with others the hardware inventory and application compatibility must be tested due to Microsoft not supporting in-place or leapfrog upgrades. Additionally, some older machines may not have the resources to run the new operating system efficiently. 

At BlueBox, our experienced team can assess your situation, provide a comprehensive overview and work with you to re-mediate any issues, ensuring a smoother migration. We will provide your team with a clear understanding of the migration process, including potential time, resource and technology challenges. Our extensive knowledge and client-focused approach will ease your navigation through the complex technology adoption and management process, ensuring you are set-up to take maximum advantage of the new Windows 10 features designed to help drive your business forward.

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We’ve worked with BlueBox for as long as I can remember. The partnership we have means we can focus on delivering the business, with a team of technical experts – who understand our requirements – supporting our IT Infrastructure.

Simon Heer
Managing Director, Grapnel Tech Services LLC

Due to the nature of our business we require a single point of contact for our IT requirements. I know that I can depend on BlueBox to be available and come forward with the right solutions to meet our business needs. I can rely on the support team to rapidly address our issues.

Managing Director, ATC

Working with the team at BlueBox is great! They approach each technical challenge without hesitation. Better still, they understand our business and our users, which makes them feel more like colleagues than previous providers we have worked with.

Director of Operations, Kibble


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